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Summer student jobs

Every year, we welcome around 100 students to BDC.

Are you a student looking for solid work experience that will enhance your resume and kick-start your career? We have the summer job you’re looking for. Join BDC, the bank of innovators!

BDC showed me exactly what a dynamic workplace is all about: evolving and inspiring. Joining the head office team allowed me to be part of a large and diverse work environment. And being a member of the Office Services team gave me the opportunity to participate in a small, welcoming and supportive group. I am excited to see what new challenges wait for me in the future.
Within the first hour of my internship in the Corporate Finance department, I participated in a meeting where my questions and views were encouraged and listened to. My co-workers constantly approached me to ask about my day or see if I had any questions. My experience at BDC reminds me of a Benjamin Franklin quote: “Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.”
Working at BDC for a summer has been an incredibly positive experience. I was able to join a truly supportive, hard-working and dedicated team in Special Accounts, Atlantic. Contributing to the success of Canadian entrepreneurs and their communities gave a real sense of purpose to this internship. Each day was interesting and stimulating thanks to the continuous education I received from my experienced and friendly co-workers.
My time at BDC has allowed me to touch on the work of various departments including Underwriting, Corporate Finance and Advisory-Services. The friendly, people-oriented culture promotes interaction between different teams and allows summer students to tailor their experience to suit their development goals. I most enjoyed performing market research and due diligence with the Underwriting team.
When I read these very testimonials, I knew that I absolutely had to work for BDC one day. Throughout my summer at BDC’s Project Management Office, I quickly became part of a dynamic and welcoming team. My colleagues and supervisors demonstrated great availability and gave me a lot of advice. While you may choose BDC for its reputation, you will definitely want to stay for its human and friendly character.
I had the opportunity to intern in BDC’s Human Resources department, supporting the Payroll and Employee Experience teams. What I liked most was having the opportunity to meet and work with people who are highly qualified and generous with their time. BDC ultimately offered me a full-time position. As of May 2017, it has been a year since I joined the BDC family and I am very proud.
Right after I started my first internship, I realized that their commitment to assisting entrepreneurs was inspiring. I worked with different teams and participated in meetings where I had the chance to apply many notions that I had learned in school. BDC’s flexible working hours allowed me to continue my stay during the school year and also come back the following summer to gain more insight into what drives Canadian businesses forward.
One of the best parts of my four months with BDC was the fact that I could accompany account managers to client meetings and see how they interact with business owners. This helped me learn how different businesses operate and deal with challenges. This gave me the chance to explore various aspects of the banking world, such as account management, corporate banking, portfolio management and marketing.
This is my second summer with BDC. Everybody has trusted me and treated me like a colleague from day one. In the summer of 2013, I assisted account managers who work directly with entrepreneurs, and this year I am focusing more on helping to implement internal strategies. Two of the most important things I’ve learned are how to deal with clients, and how to organize and clearly communicate my ideas.
When I joined BDC in 2005 as a summer intern, I immediately knew that I would start my career here. I returned the following summer and continued working part time during the school year. I held various positions and completed many projects, all of which gave me insight inon a bank’s operations and BDC's work with entrepreneurs. This proved very useful when I started working as a full-time employee.

Develop your skills and gain some real-life experience

If you come to work for us over the summer, you’ll have the opportunity to work with exceptional professionals who’ll not only provide you with advice and support, but will also help you gain valuable experience.

We hire many of our summer students once they’ve completed their studies.

How to increase your chances

  • Watch for our student job postings that go online in January.
  • Take the time to read the postings and apply only for the jobs that fit your profile and that are located in your area.