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A smooth acquisition starts with the right financing

Business purchase or transfer financing

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Loan amount tailored to your needs
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Payments matched to your cash flow

Thinking of buying a company, making a merger or acquiring a competitor to expand your business? Get the right financing and support from our experts for a smooth transaction that benefits both your business and the one you’re acquiring.

Financing you can use to

Acquire fixed assets

Purchase land, a building, equipment and shares of an existing business.

Buyout a business

Secure financing for a family succession, a management buyout (MBO) or to refinance vendor financing (vendor take-back).

Acquire intangible assets

Access additional financing to obtain intellectual property, goodwill and client lists.

Financing tailored to your needs

Optimal financing structure

Our specialists work with you to find the right loan and repayment terms to protect your working capital.

Extra support when you need it

BDC has accompanied thousands of Canadian entrepreneurs over the years with a full range of financing and investment solutions.

Peace of mind

Our terms and conditions don’t change without due cause. Plus, we don’t take personal assets as collateral for the loan.

Specialized financing solutions available

Specialized financing solutions available

If you have an asset-light company or require solutions that go beyond conventional financing, our Growth & Transition Capital experts can help you structure a financial package with repayment and interest terms adapted to your needs, without diluting ownership.

BDC truly understood my vision for the company. When it came to purchasing the business, we wanted financing that wouldn’t dilute our ownership. The bank really came through with the right deal!
Cathie Saroka, Goldray Glass
Our partnership with BDC allowed us to be totally transparent about our challenges, so we could build our trust together and get the results we needed. We see them as a true partner that wants to help our company be successful.
Stephen Callaghan, Living Lighting Newmarket
I wanted to be in an ownership position rather than just manage the company. BDC had confidence in us and came through with the financing we needed. It was a seamless and effortless experience!

If you are an Indigenous entrepreneur or a newcomer to Canada, discover solutions designed for you.