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Partner with BDC to better serve your clients

As a professional, you want to help all your clients grow their businesses and meet their goals. At BDC, we share that objective. By working together, we can provide your clients even more options.

We are owned by the government of Canada and dedicated to accelerating small and medium-sized businesses success in every sector. We offer innovative financing and advisory services solutions that:

  • Share the risk so you can provide your clients with more support
  • Help them obtain long-term financing for working capital and acquisitions
  • Increase your customer satisfaction and retention
  • Develop new businesses

What we don't offer

  • Grants
  • Interest-free loans
  • Lines of credit
  • Non-commercial loans—residential loans
  • Bank accounts, term deposits, guaranteed investment certificates
  • Loans for the following ineligible activities:
    • Businesses that are sexually exploitive or inconsistent with generally accepted community standards of conduct and propriety, including those that feature sexually explicit entertainment, products or services.
    • Businesses trading in countries that are proscribed by the federal government.

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